NOVA ETS is your Total Manufacturing Solutions for customised Electronic components and for finished electronic products -strong focus on Tel matics, Surveillance, Satellite Navigation Equipment, Mobile phone and customised components for them .

Tradionally Manufacturer for Mobile phone and PDA accessories Nova ETS, has continued to strive for success in emerging technologies for wireless Technologies .

NOVA ETS has an intensive network of associated factories in China and Taiwan offering components for the entire electronic field as well as finsihed products with strong focus on Mobile phone , Gobal Positioning System ( GPS), Security Solutions, with strong emphasis on RF and wireless Technology Systems.

NOVA ETS offers customers :

1) To supply Standard and customised components

2) Act as a sourcing agent for products from Asia

3) Conduct Contract Manufacturing in ETS factories in China and Taiwan.

We welcome OEM and ODM projects.

Nova ETS is the leader to promote innovation !

Other Business

LEAD TEK - TAIWAN - GPS Modules an finished products

To provide Global Positioning Systems, GPS modules, and tracking Navigations for Fleet Managment . Providing to Mobile phone Manufacturers, Integrators, Automotive industry

Further to this .........Nova ETS is approve representative for Japaneses companies

Printed Circuit Board - Japanese manufacturer Daisho Densi

Japanese Connectors factories


Agents and Distributors are wanted across the world to help promote Nova ETS product Range. Please contact our office to discuss agreements .

Contact us : igracias@novaets.com

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Our commitment to GPS technology products is supported by dedicated FAE services and onsite hardware engineering. This also creates the ability within Leadtek to configure and engineer a device according to your particular product specification and requirements.Wireless Security Surveillance, WISS, Nova Remote monitoring Securiry system low cost for Home Securiry , calling you on phone and sending a JPG for the event only one in the world plug and play, with 4 cameras per 1 capture card.